Celebrating Saint Valentine´s Day in the English lesson, the students from 2º Bach A, 3º ESO C+D, 3º ESO B and 2º ESO E took part in an acrostic competition. LOVE was the “key word”. Here are some of the best. Congratulations to everybody who wrote something. Due to space limitation not all of them can be uploaded:


Life is living with you
One day, I will think of you
Very bad, I am without you
Enjoy, I am with you
Clara Robles

Life with you is perfect
On my heart you are going to be
Valuable is always my love
Ending for me doesn´t exist
       Clara Racamonde

Limits can´t stop us
Open my heart like a book and read it
Volunteers for love? Try it today!
Even when we are apart I can feel you
       Irene Rodríguez

Lonely people feel the worst
Only a hug can change it all
Valentine´s Day remind us
Everything that love does
       Lucía Suárez


Laughing with you is amazing
Over the world with you I would go
Very excited I feel when you look at me
Existing without you has no sense
       Elena Pérez

Losing you would be a disaster
Only you can make me smile
Videocalls with you make me feel near you
Every day with you is a present
       Nerea Romo


Let´s share our love over the world
Old-fashioned clothes with you are new
Visit all your body is my dream
East or west don´t matter where you are
       Sandra Quintana

Looking at you is a present
Our memories will never be forgotten
Voices are always singing when I´m with you
Every moment I´m with you is the happiest of my life
       Eva Rubín


Love is to be dreaming
Over the sky with the stars
Very beautiful things you can live and
Exciting feelings all the time
       Gabriela Regueiro

Laughing with the other person
Organize things with her
Valentine´s day isn´t the only day for love
Every time I love her
       Tomas Fraile


Love is a good place to go
On holiday, love is the
Voice you always want to hear and the
E-mail you always want to read from that special person
       Carmen Vazquez

Live is beautiful
Ocean of love
Valentine´s day is so short
Every day is perfect with you
       Vicente Suarez

Love is what I feel
On our arms
Violins are playing
Every time I´m with you
       Lidia Cobián


Like if you were flying
Over the world
Very high
Everything gets so beautiful
       Sergio Araujo

Last night going
Out with you
Variety of feelings appeared on me
Everything was like a perfect dream
       Carla Fernandez


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