Reading books in English


Some students have continued reading books in English. They want you to give it a go and see you can do it too. They recommend: NARNIA, HUNGER GAMES, ADRIAN MOLE….

Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins

Hello, I’m Claudia and last month I read a book that my tutor had given me: Hunger Games. I had already read it in Spanish so it was very easy to understand and follow the story.
The book was written in 2008 by Suzanne Collins. It is a trilogy and the titles of the books are: The Hunger Games, Catching fire and  Mockingjay.


As these books became very famous, they were made into films.
The last one, The mockingjay, became two films because the book is very long.

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I recommend that you should read this book because I found it very thrilling and since it has a lot of action, you cannot stop reading it. I also recommend that you watch the movies because they are very good, but you should read the books before because some things are changed in the movies and it is good to know the original story.

Claudia García Morán (2º ESO E)


The secret diary of Adrian Moleby Sue Townsend


I started reading this book because my English teacher recommended it in class. I think it´s a very, very funny story and very easy to read and to undestand its vocabulary.
The secret diary of Adrian Mole is a good book and everyone should read it. You will enjoy it. I am sure you will have a good time because you can follow the story without looking up words in a dictionary and that makes me happy!

Celia Lombraña (3º ESO)

Sue Townsend


The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, by C. S. Lewis


I loved this book because it brought me memories from my childhood, I was a big fan of the Narnian world and movies!
I read this book in the English lessons. First of all I have to say that I don’t actually like adventure books but this one was interesting and funny. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is about the process of finding the seven lords which were exiled to the Eastern Islands where Caspian, Lucy, Edmund, Eustance and other characters are going to have so many adventures.
I would recommend it to someone who’s a fan or likes the movies, or to someone who likes adventure books.

Natasha Sakc (3º ESO B)

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